Wayne 'Buddy' Hippi

Listen to the stories of Wayne 'Buddy' Hippi who is a holder of cultural song and dance in Southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Once I started learning the cultural elements from where I come from, the power that I instilled from our old people, I carry that really strong. When we’re doing stuff, if it’s at a school or an event or even if it’s in the backyard with mob down the river with all the kids, we do it meaningfully and we do it properly and we don’t muck around with that, because we earn our right to carry that when it’s given to us. We have to be patient, but we have to be staunch and firm in the way that we share that because it’s like a bundi. We’ll give somebody that stick or that message stick or that spear, that bilaarr, or that barran that boomerang. If we pass that on and it’s fractured, that’s going to have a negative impact on our young people and our families around us. So, we need to make sure that we’re strong within us first and we have an understanding of our guu and that self-love stuff.

13 July 2018

The first story that I learnt was about the brolga bird, and the brolga bird is very strong and powerful. Our creator, Buwadjarr, he sent his son Daramulum down to find a suitable place for our Gamilaraay people to live. He chose a place, Mount Boobera Lagoon, which is just west of Boggabilla, Northern New South Wales, about 15 kms out to the west. Our sacred lagoon is out there. This is where we believe in our tribe that our creation took place, which is our burru or burruguu…We Gomeroi storytellers. We tell our stories through our dance, and this is how we carry ourselves and we carry that lore with that, that key one, that spiritual one through our gii dhuwi. That sort of resonates and goes around and round.

13 July 2018
photo Mick Richards 2018