Fred Leone

Listen to the stories of Fred Leone who is a holder of cultural song and dance in southeast Queensland.

Fred Leone (Butchulla Songman) is the younger brother of Wayne Sandy (Mununjali/Butchulla Songman).

One part of Clancestry is Yawar, which is the closing ceremony, which is my little section. Yawar and Butchulla is – they say Gubbi Gubbi is our mother tongue. In Butchulla/Gubbi Gubbi, Yawar is song and dance, like the performance of song and dance, not just performance, but when people get together in a specific way, which it takes it from just a performance to it becomes something a bit special. It takes it to something else.

13 July 2018

You have NAIDOC [National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee] week and that’s the one week where you’ll see blackfellas out real proud. Then apart from that, it’s funerals or things like that that we mainly get together. To have another gathering where we can all come together and celebrate our blackness in a way is something that I think is very special for our community and does say a lot about Brisbane and the Brisbane Blacks and all the mobs involved from all the different, hundreds of different clan groups that live here and in the outer suburbs and southeast Queensland.

13 July 2018

A lot of blackfellas, I suppose, who are involved with singing, particularly song-women or song-men just knowing those old songs have that feeling of connection and that interconnectedness throughout the generations, even where it was taken and maybe it only was spoken on a mission when your grandparents went fishing with their children or your parents.

13 July 2018
photo Mick Richards 2018