Gubbi Gubbi Dancers

Gubbi Gubbi are traditional custodians of the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. They are the people of the Bunya Tree or Bunyi. The group bring their stories of their beautiful saltwater country all the way to the mountainous surrounding ranges.

This regional troupe is a group of indigenous artists and performers. Gubbi Gubbi is the language spoken by the traditional custodians of the area.

Lyndon Davis, a direct descendant of the Gubbi Gubbi people, founded the troupe in 1996, bringing together family members and local young indigenous people to celebrate the dances of their homelands. They have gained a strong rapport throughout their community taking great pride in their culture and feeling blessed to share their knowledge. Gubbi Gubbi Dance provides an unforgettable cultural experience.

Their magical presentation of song and dance leaves the audience spellbound and has built them a reputation of being one of the most well-renowned traditional Aboriginal dance troupes in South-east Queensland.