About the Artwork

Artwork created for Yawar

Connecting through song and dance

This art piece represents our First Nation communities of Australia coming together sharing knowledge through song and dance.

The circles represent different communities with the linking lines and dots depicting the connections and stories told whilst travelling from community to community. The artwork surrounding the circles and linking lines signify our lands and waters. The outer line and dots represent our First Nation communities coming together as one but still remaining their difference.

Casey Chaboo Headshot
: Casey Coolwell 

Casey is a Quandamooka, Nunukul woman from Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) with links to Eulo and the Biri people of Bowen. Casey is the owner of Chaboo, a Brisbane based Aboriginal owned and operated small business that specialises in the creation of bespoke graphic designs and unique hand-painted wooden home decor, decorated in Aboriginal art.