About QPAC

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) is one of Australia’s leading centres for live performance. QPAC is a venue, a producer, an investor, a presenter and a public place. Welcoming over 1.5 million visitors to more than 1300 performances each year, we embrace the best in live performance – the world renowned alongside the emerging, local and new – and connect to the stories and ideas at the heart of each production.

Central to the activities of QPAC is the pursuit of excellence in live performance and cultural thinking to help sustain and grow our vibrant arts community. By sharing local stories and content across generations and communities, QPAC aims to preserve culture and instil a sense of pride, knowledge, curiosity and understanding.

QPAC is proud to be project leader for Yawar, A Cultural Mapping Project, partnering with Maria Vasas Foundation and The University of Queensland to strengthen connection with the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.